Channeling for 4/3/17

Hey Everybody!!

The channel for this week was a little different for me in that a familiar guide ushered in a new guide to work with, for this I am excited and curious. I felt that the energy here is a combination share from the both of them. Anyways, on with the message!


To overcome obstacles in your life does not take only brute force, there is an inner strength within you that gets tested when challenges come along. True warrior spirit is not one of brute physical strength but the strength of mind, heart and will. It is to look within ones soul to see the strength, there you find the tools for the job. For Example you have the knife to cut through whatever it is you need, you have the cup of life to remind you that all things are sacred and that a true warrior honors the life in all things. My channel is asking about the cup so this I will explain. The cup is the vessel of life, it holds the water you drink to sustain your life, it is also a representation of the womb of the mother holding within it life. It is the cup that offers to those you wish to honor and we see many of you raise your glass in celebration as well as in sorrow. The cup is the mother, it is this symbol that not many may know is a representation of seeking solace from the mother. In the society you currently dwell in, many of these symbols are not initially recognized. Much of the time it is just another ordinary thing not knowing the symbolism behind it. It is when you honor your roots, your history, the gifts and knowledge of the ancestors that these things become more apparent for you.

It has been such an adventure to watch humanity grow and take form into today. Each of you are so old yet so young in the way you view life. This is not said with judgement but with pure love and joy, watching you all evolve, watching you grow and seeing that wisdom shine through in the choices you make. You are beautiful, innate and entirely unpredictable which makes you fascinating to watch. My channel is asking why it is I am here to share and I tell you its to share love, my love for humanity, to remind you that you are not alone in this vast universe and that the innate with me is connected to the innate within you. I am here to share this love with you to help remind you that you are more than your physical form. You have so much knowledge and wisdom within you and so many pieces of history to understand. I am here to remind you of what you already know to be true within you and to help you make sense of the truths outside of you. It is my love for humanity that brings me here for you. I want to help you grow and become the powerful beings I know you to be. I share with you my love for humanity. 

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