Owning Power

Hello Beautiful Souls!

Here is this weeks channeling,

Too easy you give away your power to another, harness that ball of fire that burns in your belly and tend to your own fire. It is not the choice of others that dictates your direction in life it is yours, Your will, your goals, your aspirations. So much of the time people give their power to others thinking, "They will know how to work with this better than I" all along trying to control and worry from the sidelines. You can not control what it is you give up. This is the relinquishment of control. You give it to another in which you trust in the care of. It does not work both ways. You take control or you relinquish control but first you must decide. If you allow another to take control you must wash your hands of the situation, if there is a hesitation in relinquishing this control than you must grab the reigns and steer this horse yourself. So many do not understand this concept of full relinquishment and full responsibility. Things in your lives would be far easier on you if you were just more clear with your boundaries and your ownership of power. 

This is not to say that you will be powerless when giving control of a situation/circumstance to another, it is to say that you are trusting in a force or another you value their ability to handle this situation/circumstance better than your own. You have the power to do as you choose and there is no right or wrong way to choose on how you use your power, it is with the understanding that the choices you make have "consequences" good/neutral/bad, it is all how you perceive it. All the choices you make have an affect in the universal flow even if it is minute and seems insignificant. All the choices you make have a "consequence." It is time for humanity to wake up and see their power, to see the power on an individual basis as well as a global basis. Own that fire in your belly. Tend to it and use it. If you could all see how truly magnificent you are, you would never doubt your power again. You are born of pure love and a connection to pure love you will always have. Own your power, use your power to bring the changes you want in your life. Love and honor who you are, for you are magnificent.

If for any reason you need a reminder of your power and your fire, light a candle for yourself and watch the flame dance. Imagine this flame upon the candle mimics the flame in your belly. Use this candle as a symbol of your inner fire and let this image grow within you. Tend to your fire. Keep it strong. Keep your will strong. Embrace your magnificence and own your power for you have the ability to make great change.

We love and honor the light within you.

Alyssa MillerComment