Pushing Past Barriers for Expansion

Hi everybody! 

Here is this week's channeling, light and love!

As you walk the avenues of your life, ( I say avenues because the path you walk is not just a straight road but this road branches off into other roads by the choices you make) you may notice that on this Avenue you have chosen, you find it to have some sort of barrier or wall abruptly blocking your entry forward. When this happens, you have come to a place to push for expansion. Say for example, you hear something that you feel unsure about. You find yourself saying, this is far fetched, likely unreal, this can't be true can it? This is the barrier to push through for expansion. 

Now you have choices when you hit this barrier, you may choose to chip away at this barrier to get a glimpse of what is behind it or, you may choose to walk away following a different Avenue instead. Should you choose to start chipping away at this barrier to see what is on the other side, you may find that you are intrigued by it and therefore remove this barrier completely, push your boundries and expand this Avenue or, you may decide that what you see is of no interest to you and you place the pieces of the barrier back together and continue onto another avenue. 

These options are your choice alone to make. It is when you hit these barriers to entry that you push for expansion. With life; you hear many things, study many things and choose many avenues for your growth and experience but, when you break beyond the barrier to see what is on the other side that you push/expand your perceptions and learning that help for your growth. It is not a judgement on what you choose to do when you hit this barrier. You may find that it is of no interest to you therefore you turn and walk another avenue. This is ok, all the choices are ok, this is just a visual to help you understand how to push to a place of expansion.

Everytime a wall or barrier is taken down you have expanded your avenues. What you choose is entirely up to you. Know that this Avenue is there for you anytime you may want to explore it. Use your tools to help you learn and grow. Use your tools to help you brake barriers, expand your mind and awareness as well as your consciousness. 

With Love

Alyssa MillerComment