Tools of Displacement

Hey Beautiful Lights!

This week Ganesha wanted to share a message.

Tools of Displacement.

These tools help you dis-place energy, they help you to remove energy from one place to another or to remove the energy for transmutation. Many of you are familiar with the cutting of cords visualization for removing ties to another person or thing. It is a severing of something you deem unhealthy. You can also send energy to objects. For example a crystal or a notebook. Many journal, they vent in this notebook, they dis-place the energy from themself and infuse it into the pages that they vent their disgreevences on. Many will write on paper then burn or freeze it, some even bury it. This is what I mean by tools of displacement.  It is a way to work with the energies within and around you. It can be used as a tool of inspiration, a tool of releasing and a tool of setting things aside to re-asses at a later time. 

As you work with energy you become more sensitive to it and this is where your tools come in. You may use these tools to help you keep your energy in balance and strong. A journal for venting and removing is wonderful, so is a journal of all your gratitude and successes. Can you see how both are tools, the same type of tool in fact but used differently? Your tools are your choice, you can use crystals, use one to help remove and one to help infuse. Many things are possible. The main thing is to work with them. Do not let things fester within you, but rather let the energy come and go. Let the energies flow through you. Much pain and suffering comes from not letting go. Some hold onto pain and sorrow to long. Some hold onto joys and live in that joy memory so long they have displaced themselves from their day to day realities.

Now these are tools to help, just as your fork and knife help you eat your food. The real work comes from the chewing and then the bodies digestive process. You do not need the fork and knife, you have hands and other creative ways of eating but, the true work comes from within you. You all have an amazing ability to make manifest in your life. How do you choose to use this energy? Will you use your tools to clear and release from yourself? Will you use your tools to curate your desires and draw to you what it is you want? Well, You can do both, it is all how you chose to use them to keep the energy flowing in your life. Help yourself become a clearer channel, use your tools and manifest the joys and experiences you want to have. Manifest the life you want to live.

Be responsible for yourself and your energy. 


Light and Love




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