Self Care

Hello Beautiful Souls! 

This week I have a channeled message from the angels.

Self care is so important, Many empaths forget this vital truth. When you are sensitive to others and the world around you, you must remember to care for yourself as well. Why is it that you let your personal care be replaced with the care for others? Do you not value the place you hold in all of creation? It is time to love yourself the way you love others. You MUST first fill your cup before you help to fill another. The key to a full cup is self love and boundaries. Remember to that you are worthy of your desires, you are worthy of love and joy.

You are a beautiful candle, a light in the world. Keep your flame strong by caring for yourself. You can be a light for others, to help ignite their flame if it has resided to a glow but, to share this flame it must be powerful within you first.  To the healers, empaths and all of humanity on Gods green Earth, remember to love yourself. tend to your inner flame and to keep your light strong. You can be a light for others, you can ignite the flames in others when the light has gone dim but remember the all important first step. Love yourself first. Take care of yourself. 

It is not selfish to love and honor yourself, it is honoring the God/Goddess within, it is honoring what keeps us all connected. You are deserving of love. You are love. Love yourself the way you love another and let love shine. If you need help ask, we are here for all of you.

We love you.

Alyssa MillerComment