How would life change?

Hello everyone!

Here is this weeks channeled message, Have a beautifully blessed week and connect to nature.

Spring is in the air, can you feel it? Do you feel it on your skin? In your bones? Do you feel it inside? This sense we are asking about is a primal sense within. It is a knowing-ness by an internal barometer. It is getting back to the most instinctual part of your human form. Long before you had calendars on your walls you used your internal barometer to know the seasons, the times and the changes in the world around you. This knowing still lives within you. It lies dormant waiting to be used again. This is a part of the magic of being human and this is part of your connection to mother Earth. This is her way of speaking to you. She shows you signs all around but the deep communication is not seen without, it is felt within. It is in the breezes, the songs of the birds, the new growth under your feet and that stirring within. 

Do you know what time it is when you wake up in the morning? Do you look to your electronic devices to know or can you sense the time by looking though an open window? Can you read it by the suns position in the sky? It was not that long ago that it was natural to live more closely with the land. As children freely play and explore so can you. Do you remember playing in the woods, splashing in the waters of the oceans and splashing in the waves? How about picking up the rocks and seashells that caught your eye? Children have a oneness and wonderment with nature that is pure and innocent. They question things about nature but not their connection with it. It is a beautiful and fun place to connect and explore. The instinctual side of themselves is still strong and that connection has not been pushed aside. 

It is through spending time in nature that you rebuild or reawaken your primal instinctual connection to mother Earth. This piece of who you are never leaves but closes off to a place deep within if you do not use it. You do not always need tools to tell you times and seasons. You can sense this within  You can know this by your connection. In the more structured lives that you live, you rely on electronics to remind you of the day, the time, the season and to tell you the changes. Place on that calendar a time to get back to nature. Schedule some time to reconnect with Earth and reawaken those primal parts of self and remember. Reawaken that place within you that tells you more than the digital things can. 

We love you children of Earth. Remember who you are. Reconnect with mother Earth and let her teach you the rhythms and wisdom she has to share. We have one question for you.In doing this, how would your life change? The best way to know, is to find out. 

Alyssa MillerComment