Raising Consciousness

Hello everybody and welcome back!

There is two parts to today's channeling, I felt the angels wanted to speak first than, I felt my guides from the ascended masters realm had a bit to say to. 

From the Angels

To raise your conscious vibration you must take the time to rest. It is in a place of stillness that the energy can expand. A focused mind is great for getting tasks done but the peace comes from the unfocused mind. The mind that sits with no agenda but in just a willingness to be open to receive. To raise your consciousness, involves letting go for a few minutes daily and checking in with this space within. You see, as you raise your vibration you will shed layers and the process becomes easier. It is practice that helps you achieve your goals in daily life and this is no different.

Many of you want to hear us, to know us and we are here for you. Relax your mind and body for a few minutes a day, meet us in a beautiful place so that we can help you on your unique journey. Guidance and love are not just for the sensitive ones, it is for everyone. It is the door you must open and explore what is on the other side. We can not interfere without your permission so it is you who must take those first steps, trust and allow us to show you. Ask us the questions so we can show you the answers. 

Love and blessings are not just for the enlightened ones, they are for everyone. Be bright in who you are. We like to watch your lights get brighter, you faces smile and your hearts beam with joy when you are happy and at peace. Let us help you reach this place within so that you can life from your purest place of peace and joy. It is with love that we come to share this message, if you would like our help all you have to do is ask.


From the Ascended Masters

Some steps to raising your consciousness are unique to each individual but some steps are universal. Sitting in the stillness is universal. Opening up your mind and heart for expansion happens in this space. As you come into this space you may see that the stillness is filled with questions, memories, fears, obligations etc.. as you clear these things the stillness in this space becomes more vast. This is how consciousness is raised, by clearing out and allowing more space for the stillness.

Now there tends to be a thing or two in the space and that is ok, it is bound to happen as you live your day to day lives on Earth, things happen that get to you and hang around until they get cleared. All of this happens in your own time. It is the clearing of these things that makes more room as well and lightens your consciousness on a day to day level, helping you live lighter and happier. You do not need to be a Guru to reach a lighter place, all you must do is simply work on you, In time you will be your own master and in a place of enlightenment and peace. Grow beautiful ones, Grow, heal and expand your consciousness. In this stillness you can hear our voices more clearly. We are here for you.


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