The Call Of The Ancestors

Welcome back Beautiful Souls, this message is beautiful and I can feel the love expressed within. I hope you can to! Happy Monday!


The soil beneath your feet is sacred soil.It is the soil of your ancestors, You are not placed here by accident but by design. The soil sings to you. It is the voice of the ancestors. This soil under your feet is alive with their memories and experiences. It is by design that your feet receive these buried memories. You are on sacred soil and you are sacred. Do you think you are just dropped here aimlessly? no child, it is by design, it is all by design. 

You come to this place to carry the torch left for you by your ancestors. Stick your feet in the soil and heed the ancestors call. Let the wind blow through you carrying their voices within. You are placed here in such a divine time to help sing the ancestors song. All of this is reawakening in you. Reach your hands to the sun and then place them on the soil below. The sun springs new life to the roots.

You have help all around you, in all the people around you, the rock people are your oldest ancestors, sit with them and let them tell you the story of creation. The wild ones can teach you the magic of the forests. You must listen and heed the call you feel within you. You may feel as though you are alone but you are not, you are surrounded by the ancestors and it is when you open your ears that you hear their words all around you. It is time to get back to nature, to get back to what connects all things. Your ancestors wait to talk with you. Will you heed their call?

Take in a sacred breath of intention then blow this breath to the ancestors, sit with them and let their words be known to you. Honor them as well as yourself for you are an ancestor to, an ancestor who has walked these lands before. It is time to wake up, time to remember. Listen to the ancestors, their wisdom is profound and they will teach you if you take the time to listen. Stick your feet in the soil and listen to the ancestors call, they have a message for you.


Light and Love

Alyssa MillerComment