Loving Yourself

Loving yourself is a profound step in your evolutionary process. The strive for perfection is lost at its first step. You are perfect as you are. What you truly desire you feel you do not posses does not make you imperfect, it just allows you to break away and the shielded layers to show the perfect soul underneath. Like a Rose, it is not imperfect before its full bloom? it is divine and perfect in its process, there is no need to rush its blooming. As you grow you will naturally shed the layers and bloom as your beautiful self. It is not the desire for perfection that creates perfection, this is already in you. You must allow your perfection to unfold.

As you incarnate you add and shed many layers on yourself that throughout your incarnation you slowly peel away. it is through self love that you release those layers and allow yourself to bloom. It is not necessary to strive for something you already obtained. Do not try to force yourself to be like another, your uniqueness is unmatched by another. Allow yourself to shine as you are. Your perfections as well as "imperfections". The life you chose is not a race to the finish line but rather a blossoming of a rose. All things bloom in their own time, it is not a process to be rushed but to be enjoyed and honored each step of the way. When you try to rush a flower to bloom you may find that it would have been better to let it bloom naturally. You must allow, allow this process to take its own time to unfold. What is the rush? Rushing the growth is like a growing weed, shallow roots that are easily uprooted upon first sight of it. You will know profound truths when they strike. you will feel it in you.

The key is to allow those experiences in your life to have time to settle in. Sometimes it can take long periods of time before you understand the gift of those experiences. Growth takes its own pace. It is the ego that compares itself to another, seeing one as less than or greater than. You are not greater nor are you less. You are perfect in who you are. Honor yourself and your process. The layers of armor you choose to loose just allows you a greater space for your bloom. It is with love that we share with you. Love yourself. Love your process and love your bloom. There is no flower as unique as you. let your beauty shine.

Alyssa MillerComment