Allowing Space for Change

Hello Everybody!

Thank you for being open to receive this channeled message from my guides this week. So much love to each of you! 

It is your intentions that speak to the universe, it is in the words you speak and in the actions you take that make for a brighter more fluid future. What is it within you that speaks so loud yet your voice does not? Is it that the fire within you have come to a simmering glow of embers or is it a raging fire for change? Your voices are so loud and your actions are louder. You are the facilitators of your future and for the future of those descendants yet to come. What is it that you want to show them with their fresh eyes? What is it you want to teach them? This life is not only about you but the legacy you leave behind you. Even if you do not have children your steps on the soil leave a lasting imprint. If you could only see the potential and magic you hold within you daily, by the actions you take and the words you speak you are the alchemist of the lands as well as your life. It is time to take responsibility for your actions for yourself and to love one another. Love is so vital, amongst the changes love remains the same. It is the one place you can go to seek solace. It is the place of peace and acceptance. When you find that place of peace within you, nurture it. Tend to its growth as you would a sapling. As this tree grows it pushes out its branches. It fills the entire place until it consumes its full capacity. Your arms will become its branches, your legs become its trunk, your feet its roots and your hair its leaves. You become this pillar of peace.

 Many souls have taken this path of peace and it takes an array of emotions, self-doubts, anger, desire and so on. It takes all things and as these things come up, you work through and release them. This releasing allows for more space for your tree to grow. It is easy to wake up one day and say, I want to be peaceful but it is another to GROW through all the baggage in the way. The path to peace is not done by suppression but by acceptance and working through all it is you hold within, it is more of a clearing and freeing rather than gaining. You turn those pains into peace. You carve away at all the dirt to reveal the gem within. If you feel alone on your path, please know that you are surrounded with love. You may not find another on your path who will understand things the way that you do and this is ok. Your journey is about you. Stop comparing yourself to another. You might not want the road they have walked. Your intentions are your own. Your choices are your own. Your path to peace is your own. You may find friends who mirror and walk beside you but in truth your journey is yours. Get comfortable with yourself.

Allow the space for changes to occur. When you wake up each day and realize that every day comes with a fresh start. It is imperative that you look within yourself. What inner changes are being made? How do these inner changes affect your world? Now how about the whole world around you?  It is immensely important that you all see you have it all within you to create change you want.  You are magnificent. It is such beauty to watch you grow. It is with love that we share with you. Grow in love.

Alyssa MillerComment