Rest Work & Play

Welcome back! It is a blessing to have you here! Thank you for taking the time to receive this message today. Below is a channeled message from my guides. Love, light and blessings to you!

Self-love and freedom is very important, so much of ourselves is given to others that we forget to turn that love back onto ourselves. I may be the over comer of obstacles but I do know how to play and how to rest. It is this balance that many of you need a reminder for. How far can you stretch a rubber band before it snaps. This fatigue does not help your energy nor does it help your path moving forward. It is not society’s conditioning that you must concern yourself with, it is the alignment with your soul and purpose that is what is most important here. Not everybody will understand you and they don’t necessarily need to. Your purpose is yours and not society’s. You may find that you relate to purpose of others but it is not necessary to be “understood” You are to unique to be fully understood by the limitations of others minds. All of you are unique. Do not compare and mold your piece into what shape you think you need to be. You are the beautiful and miraculous you and that is enough. “With so much to do and so little time” remember to make rest a part of this daily drive. So many hearts weak from the overdoing and no time for rest. When you are in a balanced place you are at your peak making you the best you can be at your daily tasks.

For instance, many mill about ideas in her head throughout the day, fixate on them and do not give the mind a rest. They ask a question then another, then another. Sometimes it is that act of non-doing that allows for the space your answers to be received, it is as if you are talking to a friend on the phone going on and on about your concerns, asking for advice but not letting them have the space to speak. Sometimes the hardest obstacles to overcome are the ones that are the simplest in action. Non-action. This is not to say that you must sit around on the couch doing nothing but to have time to play, to do those things you have said oh yes I wanted to do that but x,y,z have come up and my joy is put on the back burner for another day.  Your rest is equally as important as your drive.

 Look at his creation you sit in. Look at what it is you have around you. Life is not a restless uphill climb to achieve death. It is the music you make along the way, the dancing footsteps you leave behind you in the sand, it is lived from your heart and lived from your soul. Remember to play, to rest, have fun, work is not always hard but as a multifaceted being, allow all facets to shine. Shine those spots that seem to have collected dust and express all of who you are. Enjoy some play time, Enjoy some rest and Shine! You are at your best when you honor all of who you are. You are not just a wife, husband, mother, painter, janitor etc. You are magnificence incarnate. Let your magnificence shine!

It is with love that we remind you of these important things, you all have a powerful place on Earth in a time of great change. We are excited for you to succeed and want to remind you to love yourself the way you love others. 

Alyssa MillerComment