Life In All Things

Today I have a channeled message from one of my guides. His message is a reminder to live in harmony with Earth. This is what he has to share,


Propelling forward, one step after another, rocks, grass sand and sea, you walk this terrain. Take a moment. Feel your feet on the soil below. Do you feel that heartbeat that flows back to you? The heart of the earth is alive, this planet is alive, the sun that shines on your face is alive. All that surrounds you is alive. Is it that you forgot this truth? Many see this land as a resource for personal gain not seeing her as alive, it as though they live on a dead rock depleting the soil under their feet until it is they have nothing left to stand on. With all relationships, there must be a flow of give and take. The relationship with Earth is not in balance. The love that people have for the minerals and fluids and leave the rest like garbage is out of balance. She is alive, she feels your heartbeat with every step you take and in return sends you a beat of her own.

 This relationship can be harmonious when you see that all that is here is life. Life breathes in everyplace. Live in harmony, understand what it is she says to you. This beautiful Earth is a gift for life, do not take for granted the sun to shine on your face, the soil beneath your feet or the home you live in.  All things change. Reach your hand into a stream and feel the currant. Pick up a stone and hold it in your hand, can you sense the life within? When you get to this place you will view your world in a different way. You are connected to all these things and they to you. It is a relationship of give and take, remember to give, and as you receive, give gratitude. You can heal the Earth, live each day consciously, live with gratitude and live in harmony with her. She is mother, she sustains life.

Each day take one a moment and be with her. Breathe in and put your focus on your feet. Feel the soil you stand on. Feel your energy flow from your feet to the earth and back. With each breathe go deeper into the earth and come back. This practice will help you feel the connection to the earth, the soil you live on and all that is around you.  Take a moment to just connect with her again by the rocks, grass, sea and sand. Life is all around you, this life is within you. It is the infinity loop, always connected. Let the relationship of giving and receiving start again. Live in harmony.


Light and Love!

Alyssa MillerComment