Power in Numbers

There is power in numbers, the light you shine is powerfully enhanced by the lights of others when joined together. You are a light house, you are the stars, your lights are brighter when you shine together. You have such beauty inside you, many of you hide this away in fear of showing the masses but the time is here for you to shed layers and shine. It is as though you are a flame, this flame can light up other objects it touches, do you see when you start a flame then add another flame to it, it grows exponentially in size? This is you, this is the people around you and this is the power in numbers. You as a flame alone have the magic to alight what you wish but with another your lights can enhance and grow to powerful heights. This is not to say you need another but it is to understand that multiple stars light up your night sky.

The changes you wish to bring to the world start with you and will grow as the stars shine to. Many of the souls on your beautiful Earth want to see a Utopian society, one with co-operation, one with unity and love being at the heart in the core. This community is a real possibility as you find the souls that match your shine, the souls that walk the same path as you. It is beauty as we watch you share, many of you feel powerless as you watch the world around you twist and turn. This is why we ask you to see your power, then to see the power in numbers, You have unity and support right next door to you, the lights are all over your planet, many of them shine so brightly in their shell, a comfortable place to be safe, all along only lighting their own world. If they could only see that the beauty and magic of their light is mirrored by the many around them. It just takes the courage to leave the shell behind.

You carry this light with you no matter where you go but if you really want to set the world alight, don't be afraid to shine.. Let your light guide you to other lights to bring the change you want to see for your world. You ask for change, you ask for guidance and we want you to know that you are this guidance, its the intuition, your soul knows where to go. It is us who whisper gently to you to help to remember what it is you came here to do and the power you have alone as well as the power you have in masses. You alone can make change but the many of you are a greater force for change as well. Don't be afraid to break free from your shells, you have kindred souls all around you. Shine on beautiful souls, Shine your beautiful lights, others will see you then see themselves. You are a force for change but with all of this, the change starts with you.

Be at peace beautiful souls, carry it with you and know that we are here to help as you need, You are not alone. 

Alyssa MillerComment