A Message from Ganesha and the Angels

Today I felt the energy of Ganesha and the angels with me, this is the collective message they have for us at this time. 

Welcome this new year with an open heart, keep your ambition and desire strong within you as you make your way steadfast into this new year.  As you walk a path of the new, remember to release and let go of the bags that you do not need. Starting something new is just as important as letting things go, its a cycle of shedding and rebirth. Sometimes you collect more than you have room for and must let go in order to free yourself for mobility. The human capacity is quite large but much of the time is filled with items that no longer serve you. You carry your wounds with you, heal them. release them, allow yourself to be free as you start a new journey. Remember what it feels like to start a new adventure? Feel that excitement and impatience as you start your journey ahead. Move forward with this new year fearlessly. Do not let the worry of uncertainty set in. It is with all journeys that obstacles arise, this is for your growth. You will be able to handle what comes your way.

Listen to your inner voice, follow the guiding light. Start this new journey with a fire in your belly, as this fire burns you may feel it weaken. Take in a deep breathe to stoke the flames and keep moving. This coming year will seem faster than the one previous, your sense of time is speeding up as the energies manipulate and change. Do what you feel to be right for you, it is time to live your life from your passion. Allow that passion to be the fire in your belly, let it ignite a beautiful energy within you. Choose this year, to live for you, to live your dreams, to wake up everyday to the sun and smile. Thank the Universe and be a part of its magic. The life you live is yours alone. You have all the choices you want to choose from. Which choice will you choose? Know that you have the help you need, just ask. We see your souls as a reflection of our own, we know that in this universe we are all connected. it is with an open heart we help. You are the brave ships that set forth on an ocean of uncertainty, we are your light houses, your beacons and your stars. Our light can guide you, all you must do is be open to receive.

We love you beautiful seedlings, let us help you grow. 

Alyssa MillerComment