Balance the Heart and Mind

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Thank you for being open to receive this message today!

It is the peace within ones heart that can be felt by others, It is the eyes in which the soul is seen, it is the body that houses this piece of you to create with. The signs of soul are everywhere. It is in the trees that breathe life into your atmosphere, the volcanos that bring fire and transmutation, the sweet songs of the birds that speak to the soul. All of this is a part of you, you are a note within the universal song, and just as the song plays, life beats on. It is the heart that plays out the song you sing. It is the smiling heart that generates presence for all to feel. 

There is an imbalance for many, between the heart and the mind, this is not an uncommon occurance but rather a tricky one to master. So much comparison of the self to others will keep you stuck in the mind, the mind is good for computing thoughts, generating plans, and methodical actions but the heart, the heart is the balance between the above and the below. The heart is what you sense and feel in others, the heart is where the breath is felt. When you see a chart of chakras you see the three below (red orange yellow) one in the middle (green) then three above (blue, indigo, violet). The heart is the center of the system, it is the balance between the physical and the spiritual. It is the counterbalance to your mind. Like waves you will flow between one then the other, the trick is to let the waves settle to in gentle current between these spaces. You need both but to stay in one long will leave you out of balance. It is the balance between that generates movement forward, that balance is your ally in creation. It is within this balance that you are the clearest channel to manifest. Living from the heart is not wrong, living from the mind is not wrong, these choices are yours, you may find that the balance of the spaces works better for you.

Let the waves flow from one place to the other, with an inhale breathe into the mind, with the exhale bring that energy to your heart (if it is more comfortable for you to do the heart then mind this is fine to). Breathe this way until you feel the waves flow from one to the other. To be on the physical plane can be challenging but, you have all you need within you, use the breath to bring in balance. 

Alyssa MillerComment