Bonus Mediumship Message!

Hello everybody!

I hope these messages get to the families as these 2 kids really wanted to share with their families. The came through seperate so I don't feel that they are from the same family but spirit does surprise me at times lol. 

I see a girl with brunette hair, she shows me the number 6. She is wearing a pink night gown and has pink wings. She came in with a group of angels that she says she plays with. She gives me the letter A (Angie/Amber) and she also gives me the name Margaret. She shows me a teddy bear and stuffed elephant. She shows me riding on the back of an elephant at a zoo. She shows me playing with the animals and likes to heal them. She especially likes the monkeys. She talks about being a veterinarian someday. She shows me her hands and says that she is healed. She is showing me her hand/wrist was not fully functional in her incarnation but it is fully functional now. She is showing me being in a hospital bed and I felt that she was a patient of Saint Jude. She knows this has been a hard year for you, and that it's hard to have Christmas without her. She is saying she loves you all very much, she is showing me giving everybody in the family hugs. She is talking about decorating the tree and that you still put up an ornament that she had made. She shows me that it's like a picture frame. She says how pretty you look in that picture. She asked me to tell you guys she is having fun on the other side, she shows me that she was greeted buy a Golden Retriever and two grandparents and angels. She plays with the angels a lot. She says she is with you she is playing around the house dancing with the doll as you decorate and cook. She says there are moments you feel her he says yes Mommy it's me! She shows me wiping away tears from your eyes and says that she is with you. She knows that you love her and she is so happy and not to worry for her, she is with you. As her energy faded I saw her riding off on the back of a unicorn, she is a very free and joyous spirit. ♡


Next I saw a young boy, I got the name Caleb and he shows me the number 7 and says July. He has blonde hair and shows me himself playing Robin Hood in the woods. He shows me jumping around with a bow and arrow and that his jeans and his hands are dirty. He is saying he enjoyed spending time in the woods because the city was noisy. He is showing me a farm or some land that had horses on it. He really enjoyed being there. He shows me walking down the street with you this time of year and pointing out all the things in department store windows that he would like for the holidays. He is showing me that he really liked Heroes and the weapons that Heroes would use. He is saying that he has a big imagination, he had very few friends but was happy to play alone because in his imagination he was a Hero! He is showing me a cleft palate and saying kids would be mean to him because of his speech. He says this is why he is happy playing alone. He shows me that he is playing baseball and enjoys running ,in his words "sliding into home plate." He was always happy if he was getting dirty. He is also making a reference to The Little Rascals. He says to tell you that he likes to play in the Stars and that he wants you all to know that he is happy, he is ok and he is safe. He says he was greeted with a lot of love and that he loves you all so much. He is saying tell them when they spend time in nature that they can hear me laughing and he wants you to know that he is with you. He says he is playing and having fun, he loves you all so much! As his energy faded I saw him fly away with a Superman cape. Such a bundle of joy and love.♡ 


Light and love to you!

Alyssa MillerComment