Flowers of the same vine

Hello beautiful souls,

Here is a message for us from one of my guides. Enjoy!

 Look deep within, step forward shining your light. Now is the time to wake up to your divine self, to see your connection to all that is. The tree breathes just as you do, the earth feels your footsteps and supports you. Now is the time to wake up to the Divine Consciousness in all things, you are not the head of the chain but one link within it. Do not take for granted the relationship you have with all of life. Every creature creates. The tree grows, from its life it helps to support others. The foods you eat are alive they are taken from the ground or bush to sustain you. All things must grow live and die and this is the way of life. All here to nourish each other, the remains of what once was nourishes the soon-to-be and it all starts again. See your part in the circle of life, know that we are all one and are here to support each other. At times people work too hard to understand why things are and forget to appreciate what is. The spark in you is in all things, there is a symbiotic relationship between you and all that is. All are just unique expressions. When you are in nature just sit and listen. Listen to what is around you, look for that spark in all things that is also in you. See your connection, see your relationship. It's time to care for your relationship with all that is. Listen to how your song harmonizes with the universe. Live in this harmony beautiful ones. 

Alyssa MillerComment