Honoring Your Path

Hello everyone!

I have an exercise I feel guided to share with you all. When you have some down time, take a few deep breaths and contemplate these questions below.

Looking in at yourself what do you see? Do you see the conditioning of the environment you were raised in? Do you see the conditioning of the environment you are in now? When you really look what do you see? For a long time we have been shaped and molded by the words, thoughts and beliefs of others we hold significant in our lives. I urge you to cast aside all those judgements for a minute and just be open. What do you see inside yourself? What do you feel in your heart? What sparks the fire in your belly? Now ask yourself, do I bring these forward in my life? Am I on the road I want to be on? What am I moving toward?

 These questions help you to look at your path from a place of non judgement and help you see inside and listen to the real you. The beautiful and divine you. Honor your path, what makes your heart flutter and burns a fire in your belly. Its ok if not everyone understands and judgements from others do come along but the important part of all this is, following that inner guidance and spark of fire will help you shine your brightest.

Honor your inner path beautiful souls!


Honor You!

Alyssa MillerComment