Wake up call

Hello loves!

As I woke up this morning I felt Athenas energy with me quite strongly, she gave me a sense of urgency to share this message, I told her this information is known by some and that I have shared a message very similar in past channelings and she said,  "It's a reminder, like when you hit the snooze button, you want to sleep a little longer but the ringer will sound again to remind you to wake up."  Below is her message. 

The words you speak put out a vibration to the universe, when you repeatedly say a phrase you amplify the vibration to the universe and in turn the universe responds buy matching your vibration and sending it back to you. It is time for you to wake up and take responsibility for what it is you are attracting in your life. Many people are seeing their lives through the eyes of a victim and not taking responsibility for what it is they are creating. You must be responsible for what you create. Your words are powerful, if you knew every word you spoke was recorded and played back for you what would it sound like? What would you say? Spoken word is powerful. Your thoughts also carry a vibration and this vibration gets sent to the universe to manifest but with spoken words, you made the extra effort to push that vibration out to the universe do not be surprised when what you say takes form and is returned to you. You are a transmitter, what frequency are you putting out? What frequency are you receiving? If you do not like it, tune it accordingly. Now is the time. 

The final words I hear her say are "Nurture that warrior light for change in this world."

Light and love to you!

Alyssa MillerComment