Reflection technique

Hi Friends!

This is a technique my guide wanted to share with us to help us reflect and find a deeper sense of peace within ourselves.

Hello beautiful souls incarnate, Now is the time to step through the looking glass and face yourself with more awareness. From this space you may see what was once invisible to you. As you see yourself, what do you notice? Do you see energy or color variations? Do you see your vibrancy? Do you see your miraculousness that is ever divine and beautiful? Through this looking glass, you can see more of who you are without the shroud of perceived faults. IF you see something through this view you would like to change, you have to power to change it, simply reach out and make the changes you see fit. There is no wrong answer. Use this looking glass to view yourself in all forms and layers. Looking at yourself in this way will help you add and remove things in your energy that serve you or may not serve you. Looking though at your reflection allows what is perceived to be hidden visible, use this technique of reflection to help you clear, revitalize and find your way toward a deeper sense of peace. When your ready step out from this looking glass back into your form and express the unique beauty that is you! 

Alyssa MillerComment