3 questions to ask yourself

Hi friends,

This week I wanted to talk a bit about a staying calm and grounded in a chaotic situation or environment. We all encounter them and the world is going through a major shake up now. I have noticed many people seem a bit more on edge and quicker to lash out in situations that they are unhappy with. We have all been there, be it as the person who lashes out or the person taking the brunt of the lashing, we have ways to not get personal with it. 

First I have found that,  as simple as it sounds, do not take it personally! People could lash out and try to get personal with it or try to trigger a wound within you, let that arrow fly past your head, I have found most people that lash out in such a way know they are drowning and are looking for anything to grab onto. If you take that arrow, know that this is a situation within you that is being shown for you to resolve, acknowledge it and work through it in a place and at a time you feel safe to do so. Most of all stay calm and centered within your being. As rough as it may seem come from a place of love. 

See past the emotional outburst, again, many of these people are drowning and looking for help, falling down with the person or situation doesn't resolve much. Keeping your calm is not giving away your power, stay firm in yourself and situation if you fully belive in where you stand. And again come from love. Many people just need their voice heard. Many times we can put ourselves in their shoes temporarily to see a similar view. This provides grounds to work from together. 

When situations arise, it is so very important to not get caught up in the carousel of chaos. So many people and situations seem out of control recently and getting to be in the mix can be a reminder to stop and step off the carousel and get back to your center then approach it. Breathe breathe breathe! Inspiration helps bring clarity, fresh air also helps build new neurons in our brains. To be frank, shit happens, how you handle it is your responsibility. The world around us is our collective, our collective minds and actions. 3 things to ask yourself are.... Where is your mind? How are your actions? Do you live with integrity? These 3 answers will help you stay in a honest place among changes and also help you handle those turbulent people as well.

 Remember again, we are magic and are always in a process of creating, what are you creating?

Much love to you!


Alyssa MillerComment