Communication with Tree

As I connected with tree spirit today, this is what tree wanted to say to humanity. 

We are here to remind you of your interconnectedness to everything, our roots reach into the earth connecting us to other trees and plant life, we have a matrix below your feet of communication, we are intune with one another, we stand here for you as anchor points to remind you that you to are connected to us. Sit with us, we have so much to share, we sit here patiently waiting for you, we want to share our wisdom and love with you, remember how things were as a child when you would play outside, you sat by us for comfort and shade, you would play in our homes and find, joy, peace and serenity, we still offer this, many people have forgotten their connection to us and we want to be at one with you again. Your feet are like roots, your roots are mobile, you can dance through the earth to experience and communicate with all life, but to ground and feel the Earth with us is a way to communicate with the life below as well, we love you beautiful Earth walkers and want to remind you of your primal nature, the one that calls you back to us for that peace and soul nourishing  serenity.  We are here, still loving you waiting patiently for you to come be with us again. 

Alyssa MillerComment