Grandpa Ed

I was greeted by a older gentleman, with silver/grey hair, he was sitting in a leather chair in a very large library. He says this library is his heaven, he is so wealthy here. He said in life he did not have the most possessions and this library makes him feel rich. He gives me the number 98, I got yes for age of death and year alough I still feel unuclear about if it is true for both or not. As I sat next to him to talk he pushes a book of WWI and WWII toward me, he says he was very scholarly in his old age. He shows me a memory of his being at war in a trench with 2 other men he felt close to. He says that all 3 had come home safe. He says being in the trench was very intense and there is nothing like being in the trenches to make you live in the moment. He mentioned Germany so I get the sense he was in WWII.

He talks about Stanford college. He gives me the sense that someone goes there or will be. He speaks of his granddaughter going to school to do what he could not. He is holding 2 thumbs up, he likes this. He feels she is following his scholarly passion. He shows me him dancing in a ballroom, very classical and beautiful, he is dancing with his wife, he is very happy and blissfull. He laughs and says she still bakes! He talks about the smell being heavenly, laughs and has got a sense of humor. He says he wants you guys to know that they are still together on the other side. They are very much in love.

He wants the family to know that he is celebrating each accomplishment with you all. He wants his granddaughter to know he was by her side when she was very distraught, he says she was thinking of him and had a thought he was with her, he wanted to say yes he was with you, he is by your side anytime you need him. He wishes he could gift you this library he is in. He is very proud of you. He says keep up the good work and you will go far. He says she's baking cookies gotta go guys, he sends his love from the both of them as he follows the smell.  

Alyssa MillerComment