Working with Fire

Hi everybody!

I wanted to talk to you about the use of fire in releasing and manifesting. As souls in human form we have a relationship with fire that for many of us have been taught to fear, let's stop and look at this for just a second, fire like all elements is fantastic in manageable doses. To much of any element can be a danger so instead of fear let's have a healthy respect for it. 

First off many of us have an imbalance in our Flux of releasing and manifesting, for this to be in sync we need to practice the flow of both, like ocean waves coming and going. So many want to manifest and always bring in without looking at what needs to be released, when you release you make yourself clearer and to be frank happier, even if in the moment it feels painful. For want to manifest a loving partner into your life, a few questions to ask yourself are, have I released pains from previous partners? Do I love myself? Am I holding myself/ another parter at to high of a standard? I'm not saying to not have standards but to be realistic in the reality we all have baggage in some form.

To release with fire, write on paper what you want to let go of, hold that paper and blow with a big breath all your feelings about it, into it. Then you guessed it, set that paper a blaze. As this paper burns it sends the message to the universe that you are ready to let these things go. It also works if you want to write a letter to somebody your upset with. 

To manifest with fire, you can use the pen and paper technique and when you burn it know the universe hears you. Your intentions are the loudest. The key here is to release and work with the universe, your guides, angels, your whole crew. The symbology of burning releases it from you and into the universe. This burning takes what was physical and turns it to ash which dissapates in the wind or soil. It's a great visual. Use that fire respectfully!

Thank you fire!

Until another day my friends. 

Alyssa MillerComment