Channeling 3/29/16

Do you feel that lightness and energy in you? This is a sign that your body is aligning with the changing vibration of the planet. With the huge changes taking place you will notice the heaviness fall away from you each day. We are helping to ignite inner fires within each of you and as these flames grow, you children of Earth are noticing a lighter and more peaceful sense of self. We see how many of you honor and cherish Earth and all who dwell on it and we share in your delight of love. We notice many of you waking up to your magic and this is exciting! We see your progress and celebrate you! Remember  as children of Earth, in each moment you are creating, and we want to remind you again of your magic. What are you creating? This is a question to ask yourself on a daily basis, you can guarantee your thoughts will focus more on what you desire and less on the illusion of lack. From where we are we see what looks like a hologram of Earth rising in ascenting energetically. You all are creating a beautiful higher vibration for future generations. We know that this is a changing time for you in North America as you are selecting a voice for your people. We want you to know that the voice of the people is strong and resonates into the universe. Your desires and hopes are heard. Unify and you will see your desired outcome. You create your reality focus on what you desire. We love you children of Earth. You Are Magic.

As the channeling came to a close they sent me the lyrics to adventure of a lifetime by coldplay. They say these lyrics are truth about us. Have a listen!

Light and love my friends!

Alyssa MillerComment