Journey 6/21/16

In asking for guidance to share with you all, I felt guided to do a brief journey,

it started out with dragonfly, she took me on her wings and we flew through a sunny sky. I noticed her colors glittering in the sun as we just enjoyed the breeze. next thing I knew I was a bubble floating up from the dark depths of the ocean, I felt as though I came from an erupting volcano. As I floated effortlessly up to the surface I saw all these beautiful fish and sea life surrounding me, I felt at one with them despite my unique difference. When I hit the surface of the ocean the journey was over.

I want to share that there is no wrong way to interpret this message for yourself. What I felt is that we (as a society) need to express our true self, not the mask we show others, but to be authentic. I feel that living from our core, the truth of who we are, leaves nothing hidden and the gifts that life has for us are not masked or pushed away by unnecessary judgments. Living authentic will allow a greater communication with the universe and a clearer way to manifest.  

One image flashed in my mind before I came out of journey and it was an image of all people around the world holding hands, each hand grabbed another until we were all connected. I feel this symbolism is greatly needed at this time. we are all connected.

Alyssa MillerComment