A Message From Archangel Gabriel

Hello everyone!

As I sat in meditation asking for a message for humanity as this time, I saw the beautiful light of Archangel Gabriel and I knew he and the angels had something to share.

Sit in the vibration of love, let it fill you until it spills from your entire being. With so much chaos on the planet at this time the vibration of love can calm the fires of anger and hatred. All of you carry a strong light within you that shines like a beacon of peace. Let this light shine, Channel this light as a pillar on the earth. This light will change the vibration. This is a call to all light workers, please shine your light, bring the energy of unity and love forward. To do this, start by growing your own inner light with the white light, imagine that it fills you until its pouring from you like a fountain. You can be this light everywhere you go and with every step you take. If you feel guided to change the energy in a location imagine a column of white light anchored to the location. This light will help change the vibration. Humanity is going through an upheaval leaving many people feeling shaken and ungrounded. Shining your beautiful light like a beacon will help bring peace and clarity to these people. Bringing the white light to Earth and humanity will help illuminate what is unseen and unclear. Your lights help illuminate the darkness. Feel this love and be this love. Radiate who you already are beautiful ones,  Let your loving energy fill the world. Remember we angels are here to help you with anything, remember also to care for yourselves. Take care of the body you walk the world in. Listen to your inner guidance as we communicate with you.. Know in your hearts the words we speak and follow your intuition. Follow what fills you with light and let that light shine for the world. You as light workers illuminate the darkness and bring forth change. If you feel fearful ask us to help, we will assist you in removing fear from your hearts. When you shine bright the whole world gets to see and experience the gifts you bring to humanity. Hold the light in these difficult times and let it pour through you. Know that we angels are here supporting you every step of the way. 


Alyssa MillerComment