Dancing With The Primal Fire

Hello Everyone!

As I was talking with my guides today they had this to share with everyone, Enjoy!

Feel this joyous time of year, Do you feel the magic in the air? Do you feel that change in the wind? This is the time of year when all the colors alight. The trees leaves shine bright with the colors of fire. The wind blows away all the fallen pieces. The magic of the primal fire is alive and glowing. What do you sense in this fire? Is it something to gain? Is it something to loose? Where is this fire mimicking the fire within you? What does it fuel within you? What does it show you it is time to let go of? Dance with this primal fire, use it to manifest and release in this magical time of transformation. The veil between the realms is thin and you can hear the whispers of your ancestors in the blowing of the winds. The realm of spirit is so close that some of you feel it in your very core. We walk beside you and in this magical time of year our presence can be felt more clearly.  Listen to the changing winds, listen by the rustle of the leaves as it carries the footsteps of those who have walked before you. Allow the energy of wind and fire to transform you. 

Take time this week to connect to the ancestors, to connect and dance with the primal fire. What magic and wisdom do they have to share with you? Listen, feel and know that the spirits of the ancestors are alive and with you. Love and thank them for the guidance they bring.

Happy Halloween Beautiful Souls!

Alyssa MillerComment