Hello Beautiful Souls!

As I sat in meditation this morning I felt the presence of the angels so strongly, they have a message for us at this time.

Now is a time of major transformation for you America, we hear your voices cry to us and we see your tears at night. Do not be afraid, we are here with you. You have the power to make change in your life. Do not forget who you are, you are amazing children of Divine Love and Wisdom. You carry the Grace of God in your heart and soul. Infuse this light of grace. SHINE BRIGHT THIS LOVE OF WHO YOU ARE, THE WORLD IS NOT OVER, THIS CHANGE HAS JUST BEGUN, STAND STRONG IN YOUR POWER. BE AND EMBODY THE ENERGY OF LOVE. You are so powerful in your ability to create, if you do not like what is in front of you or within you, change it. Remember you are magic, you are all a sparkle of the great divine, you are whole. Your inner peace shines through you to outer peace. Do not be afraid beloved children of Earth, transformation is not easy, think of all the caterpillar must go through to become the butterfly, though the struggle may be rough, know that you will make it through triumphantly with wisdom and grace to shine like jewels within your heart. Be love children of Earth, be grace and beauty, be the changes you want to see in this world then watch as your love, beauty and grace is reflected back to you. We angels are here working for humanity, we love you. Call us for help and we will be at your side. Shine your beautiful lights.

Until next week,

Light and Love!


Alyssa MillerComment