Through Uncertanty

Hello Beautiful Souls! 

I have a message from my guides for us all!

Overcome your obsticals by taking it one step at a time, there is no need to rush, you may find yourself a misstep than you start again. Enlightment is a process, a journey of many steps. steps to remove the darkness that you see in yourself. This is percieved darkness as you are magnificent in who you truely are. You walk this path to let go of what does not serve you in order to free yourself from limitations, these limitations set by you or the ones you took on from others. Transcendence is a long saught after journey and many percieve this this vision differently. there is no one correct path to it. Each individual has thier own precieved limitations they must overcome, this journey up the mountain is rough and full of challanges but set forth anyway, The view from above is timeless and stays with you always.The bodies of karma that you reside in work great beauty but with all things the weeds of the garden must be pulled to keep the garden vibrant. Take this climb of uncertainty, wa;l into the mystery. You never know what you may find. Do not percieve uncertainty as darkness, you carry magic, you cando away with what it is you do not like nor want. Be bold, be fearless and you will transcend these limitations. Open the box of treasure in your soul, see your magnificence, Climb the mountain, if in times you feel fear and doubt remember who you are, where you have come from and ignight that flame within you. watch it grow. Not all journies are easy but know that as you climb, the layers of armour that hide your light shed away leaving that radient you left to match the beauty you have scaled so far to see. 


Alyssa MillerComment