Hi all!

I have another channeled message from the angels for us all this week!

Cherish each moment in life, you have so much to be grateful for. Every inhalation of breath is a gift and every exhalation is a blessing and intention you send to the world. Practice this art of breathing with intention. So many sit behind computers all day forgetting that nature is just outside their door. Go into nature, breathe deeply and refresh. Cherish this daily gift of life. Live it. Create what you want. Look to yourself for power, it lives within you. Cherish yourself, say each day one thing you are grateful for, allow this practice to grow daily. Living in gratitude attracts more to be grateful for. Cherish your life, live each day to it fullest. Do not put your joy off for another day, live that joy today. Incarnations are fleeting, they can seem to go by in a heartbeat. Live your life, Love your life, Live each day with gratitude, love and accept yourself fully, be present in every moment. Breathe out anxiety and stress, let in more love. Give this love to yourself and others daily. You are blessed. Cherish yourself the way we cherish you. Send this joy and love to others and it will return to you multiplied. Live your joy, be in gratitude and know that you are loved just as you are. We cherish you. 

Love, light and gratitude to you all!

Alyssa MillerComment