The Windmill of Power Gathering

Hello Beautiful Souls, 

Here is a channeled message from my guides for us all this week.

The actions you take and the words you speak ripple through the universe like a stone thrown into a pond, Your energy vibrates from you and the universe meets your vibrations and returns to you a mirrored vibration. You must take responsibility for this. You must take responsibility for yourself. Know yourself. Know yourself as the Universe knows you. All hands tied together create this space. This universe is your intentions, your thoughts, your dreams and this creates your reality. It is all within you and surrounding you.

Generate energy like the windmill, stand sturdy in who you are and project your energy where you see fit. Gather the energy as the windmill does, feel this energy build inside you then, channel it. Not a single one of you is helpless and dis-empowered, you just need a reminder of how to work your magic again. Just like the embers of a fire this magic still glows within you, all you need is to rekindle this flame. It is agitation of the embers that reignites the fire. It is also this agitation in you that creates the awareness for change. In this time of transformation and transition, remember who you are, where you came from and look forward on your path. You are divine and magnificent.Take on your magic cloak and use your power to create. Create what it is you want, need and desire. Your magic is within you, the magic is you.

We love you. 

Light and love to you all!

Alyssa MillerComment