Welcome back loved ones!

The journey for this week had a very strong message of getting out to go play and enjoy life!

I started my journey going into the sun where I could feel energy bubbling up inside like a shaken soda bottle. When the energy hit maximum compassity I jetted from the sun like a solar flare dancing around every planet in our solar system until I hit saturn. I landed on the rings and started dancing, there was a party with plenty of food and people. I stayed for a while and enjoyed the company and view, then feeling refreshed finished my move through our last known planets. 

I feel strongly that this message is saying that time to play and enjoy life needs to be implemented in our lives. Many of us get hung up on our projects or tasks and forget to cut loose and blow off some steam. I noticed that after playing on saturn I finished the solar system. All was accomplished, nothing fell behind. It's not only ok to honor you self and take time for fun, it's necessary! My guides are strongly urging me to say Go Play!

Much love to you all and enjoy today!

Alyssa MillerComment