From Joshua

This week I have a soul who wants to share a message with his girlfriend and family.

Joshua, I keep getting a J name- he shows me a engagement ring, He is also showing me being out on the water on a boating trip, I get the sense it was with a group of his guy friends out for a weekend. He was telling the guys how he was going to ask you to marry him when he came home that Sunday evening. He says the ring was still at the jewelers waiting to get picked up. He wanted to give it to you and is saying he is sorry he did not get the chance.  I see the initials IL and am not sure if this is Illinois or if it is your initials. He is saying his death was an accident and a big surprise to everybody. I feel like he was fine one minute then just collapsed the next. He is showing me a little white dog with brown spots ( looks like the dog wishbone from that tv show). He is saying he will help you through this loss. I keep getting the sense if you look through some of his paperwork the ring is on hold at a jeweler. He still wants you to have it. He says it will remind you that you were my queen. He doesn't want to say much about how he passed because he says it is still to fresh and painful for you. He is showing me his bedroom and a red and blue jersey, He says this is the last thing he wore and he wants you to have it. I get the feeling he lived at home with a little brother and a mother. He seems around 23 or 24 years old. He keeps mentioning about prom and a crown. He is also showing me a picture of you both sitting on a large fallen tree or giant piece of wood. he says remember him from how he was in that picture. He says that one is his favorite. I get the initial M well, He is apologizing for your pain and is saying that he is with you quite a bit. He says he even saw your tear up a picture of the both of you out of anger. He apologizes for this. He is visiting all who love him, He is showing me he is attending or did attend his funeral. I feel his passing was not long ago at all.  He says He is enjoying being able to be anywhere in a moments notice, joking that he usually wanted to get all the fun in he could and be everywhere all the time. then he laughs and says I was not that timely. He wants you to know that he genuinely loved you and foresaw you both together into old age, He is saying although he wont be here is body to see that through he will always be in your heart and you can call on him if you need him.  He is telling me that he is still able to freely bounce between there and here and its pretty cool. He is saying he is still processing his life at this time. He sends you his love, He keeps showing me a crown and a ring he wants to give you. He says please share with my family that I love them and will be right by your side just by the thought of my name.  He sends XOXOXOXO to all of you and says bye.

Alyssa MillerComment