Following your illuminated light

Welcome back beautiful souls!

I did a journey for our message this week, I started my journey in the starry night the wind was crisp and the grass was soft I could feel the dampness of the dew on the grass. To my right and I see a bonfire I can see the smoke billowing up through the trees. I feel drawn to this fire and I feel a sense of fear of the dark woods around me. I walk over to the bonfire to warm up just a bit and as I'm at the bonfire I feel drawn to the dark woods. I walk to the words I shed off my heavy cloak and when I do so I see that I am a radiant light. I illuminate the woods as I walk through them I walk through these woods fearlessly knowing that I illuminate my path.


What I feel the truth of this journey is, is that we always seek for truth and comfort outside of ourselves and we follow advice from others to get us through our fear/hard times. When we shed off the illusion that truth is sought outside ourselves we realize that we are that light that we feel drawn to for comfort. We are the light that illuminates our path through the darkness.


Have a beautiful and illuminated week!

Alyssa MillerComment