Accepting abundance

Hello beautiful souls!

Today's message is about recieving abundance. 

In my vision this morning I saw pennies raining from above.  They seem to have appeared out of air and continued like rain. The pennies came slowly, then as I picked up one, more came raining down, faster and harder. The Intuition I get from this vision is not to deny even the seemingly small gifts given to you. As you show the Universe that you accept abundance given to you no matter how small it may be, it shows that you accept what is offered and show gratitude for even the small things. I saw an image of a man walking by a penny on the ground ignoring it as its to little to accept.  The message I got was small things add up to big things. 1 grape at a time make the vine.  1 seed planted grows life.


This week I feel it's important to look at what you have with gratitude and to graciously accept the small gifts given to you. As you show your gratitude for the small things, it shows you are will to accept the big things as well. 

Alyssa MillerComment