Higher perspective

 The journey started as I was walking through the night Forrest, I could feel the tall grass tickling my ankles. I ran up a giant oak tree that ascended into the sky and as I climbed I became closer and closer to the stars. As I reached the top of the tree I broke through the night sky barrier and into the heavens, the clouds were soft and the Sun was warm, as I stood in these clouds I looked down and I saw many fires lit at camp sites, as I came down to reach one of these fires Eagle picks me up and lets me ride high in the night sky, I rode on the wings of Eagle, he took me to a Sun coming over the horizon the words he gave me were higher perspective, new is on the horizon, what I felt from this was that to let the little projects that do not serve us go as a new beginning is on the horizon, do not worry about putting out little fires, focus on what is coming over the horizon. Your energy is better suited looking forward. Then I came back to my body.

Love and light!

Alyssa MillerComment