All things connected

As I took my journey this week for a helpful message for humanity this is what I received. 


As I entered my journey I entered into a green emerald that fell from the sky into the soil, this emerald then became a blade of grass and as that blade of grass grew I noticed it turned into a tree. This tree reached higher and higher into a night sky. When the tree stop growing I noticed the Emerald leap from the top up into the sky and explode into the stars.

 The feeling I get from the journey is that we are all one. The energy of the Emerald is the same energy that is in the blade of grass the tree and the stars above. We are all this energy and we are all different expressions but stem from the same source. It is beautiful how the Emerald descends from the sky into the soil to grow into a blade of grass which then grows into a sturdy tree to then reach the night sky and explode into the stars. The cycle complete.

I also think that this is a way of honoring where you are on your journey of life and to know that growth and expansion are ever present. 

Alyssa MillerComment