Time for celebration

 Today I have for you a message brought through from my journey about humanity at this time.


This is the time of celebration on earth as humanity has risen in vibration. We have sent out this beautiful purple light to the universe. This light shines and sends a message that humanity has taken the next step in evolution. Humanity has shed its heavy coats of fear and darkness, we have taken off these coats to see that we are all the same and love is universal, form and formless.  We're sending this  energy out in the universe reaching other life to signify that we have to begun our awakening process. We see oneness more than separation and that are four walls have been torn down and our view has expanded. This is a great evolutionary step for all of us here on earth, globally we have all come to awakening. These steps may be small at this time but it is amazing that we have all created and come together in opening our eyes and raising our consciousness.

Saturn energy is also helping us at this time. 

Light and love to you!

Alyssa MillerComment