As I took my journey this week I felt very strongly just to share with you my visions and to let your inner truth speak as to what this means for you.


As the journey started, I felt myself ascending up from dark waters to the surface, the surface of the water was easy to break though and as I emerged from the depths the sun was shining. I noticed as a different perspective the Lotus bubbling up from swamp water and opening up to the sun. I then saw a single drop of rain create ripples in the water. 

Thank you for visiting my page and reading what spirit and myself have to share. I thank my guides and ancestors, as well as the spirits of the land for helping humanity. I urge you to sit with this information, maybe even meditate or journey on it for further clarity. I want so much to explain what this means but I got the message from my guide that all ways of interpreting this have validity and meaning and that it is up to the individual to decode the message for themselves. 


Love and light to you all!

Alyssa MillerComment