Jeffers the golden retriever

First off I see a little girl blond around 4 with a full grown golden retriever, I see a triangular wind chime, looks like its hand made from an old cow bell. I see a farm with expansive land, It looks like  a personal home on the property. The golden retriever gives me the sense he saved this little girls life when she was around 4, He shows me that he lived to an old age and left this earth peacefully resting by the fireplace. He wants to share his happy memories with the little girl. He loves her so much. He felt as though she was his little baby. He shows me that she was the only one who had the energy to play as long as he could. I hear tractor noises and get the sense many crops to include corn were grown on this property. He shows me leading the little girl out of the fields when she was young . He really felt as though he was a great part of the family, He shows me a kitchen table with what i sense is a yellow table cloth and that he got many table scraps. He feels as though he ate like the rest of you. He keeps wanting me to see how shiny his coat is. He says I was very healthy and loved my life! He gives me the sense that the little girl he is speaking of is around the age of 12 now. He just wants you all to know that he is happy and playing in heaven, he still roams the farm time to time, the farm was his heaven on earth so he still enjoys it there. He shows me still sleeping by the fireplace. He wants to say that he went so peacefully and not to worry about him. He shows me sleeping at the foot of the girls bed still and at times she gets the thought that maybe he is there, and he is, She is intuitive and its OK to trust that intuition. I hear the name jeffers like its a nick name, He tells me that he could smile and people were unsure how to take it. He really enjoyed this lifetime. He says he wants to play up here a while but he has not really left you all. He sends his love. He's carrying an old grey dirty well used toy with him and says yup i have one here to as he walks off.

Alyssa MillerComment