Caring for the physical/Being in nature

To continue on with the last message we will continue the theme of movement, Moving the body is important to keep it healthy. Many souls on a spiritual path work so hard on the heart, mind and soul, that the physical form gets looked at last. For all the subtle bodies to be in harmony it is crucial that you care for the physical part of you as well. Walk daily in nature. Many souls know instinctively how to live in tandem with nature, it was not long ago that the soil was your bed. With the embrace of technology, you rely less on letting nature be your teacher. You are of the soil and the stars, Get back to nature, let her messages answer your questions, Listen quietly and open your heart, you will find that love is multiplied and sent right back to you. Listen to the nature spirits, sit by a tree and just allow. There is no wrong way on the journey of life, it is the way you pave that makes your journey. Getting back to the instinctual side of your being fills the soul, being in nature balances the subtle bodies and walking is that important physical component that often gets left out. I have mentioned in previous messages that you all are powerful beings, I am here to help you gain perspective on how to see and work with your own magnificence. Man souls on this "side" of the veil want to reach out and let their loved ones know, they are there, when their loved one gets a quiet moment its easier for the connection to be made. I want to remind you all that caring for your physical body and being in nature help you bring the magic from here to there. Listen to your body and make the conscious effort to change what is crying out for change. Those of us here in spirit will help you along your path of caring for your physical form, We admire that you took it on and are here to assist you stay in balance. A well balanced tool creates with ease, your physical body is part of your tool kit. Spend time with yourself and time with us, it is not selfish to care for yourself, it is important for you to be in balance so you can be your clearest creator. Love, honor and cherish yourself entirely. You are magic. 

Alyssa MillerComment