David to Maryiam

I see a man who looks to be in his late 50's-60's, His hair is grey and he is tall like about 6'6 or so. He is sitting at his desk which looks like a dark cherry oak, solid and sturdy. I see shelves of books behind him like this is his private study/office. I hear the word Denver. he shows me that this house was on some property and he had plenty of space to think. He considered himself a philosopher. I get the sense he was wealthy but liked the seclusion. He did business from his home never needing to really "go to work". I hear the name David, and hes singing Davey Crocket. He is showing me this huge kitchen in his home that is pristine. He says don't let that fool you me and the misses cook together nightly. He seems very cultured in food from around the world. He is showing me a blond lady who is around the same age, She is still incarnate here on earth. He wants to reach out to her. He is saying he sees you in his office crying, he knows the house is big and empty feeling, He says that once peaceful stillness we had seems lonely for you now. He wants you to know that he loves you dearly. He shows me you two dancing through the house together, he was a charmer. He wants you to know that its OK to do the things you two did together alone like dancing through the house. His soul is very much with you as you do the things you both enjoyed. He is talking about putting a glass roof in the bedroom so that you can stargaze. he really likes that and says he would like to show you shooting stars. He says you are so beautiful and he was so lucky to have spent his life with you. He is showing me what looks like black cake falling on the floor and it looks as though his services were done at the house. He wants me to tell you that you can heal from this and that he is OK with how you choose to do so. I keep seeing what seems like a bullet going through a window and hitting him, not sure if this is the way he passed but it seems strange like it was a stray bullet that was a freak accident. He says even though he was old he felt so alive with you. I get the name Maryiam or a Mary type name.He is sending his love and that he is with you. He wants you to dance so that he ca dance with you in spirit. He is saying something about taking a trip to India like your own personal journey and says GO FOR IT! He says he wants for you to experience and enjoy your life no strings attached. He is saying that he is with you everyday and in a few quiet moments you will feel him to. He is laughing saying isn't this neat, I can still communicate with you though it may seem impossible. He says his wondrous mind couldn't even glimpse the beauty of what its like after "life" He says he liked being a dreamer, and now he is playing John Lennons imagine by saying he is not the only one. He says his perspective is far beyond anything he could comprehend here on Earth. He says to tell you he loves you and that you are magical.  

Alyssa MillerComment