Starlight meditation

Hi Everybody!

I feel guided to give you guys a meditation channeled from my guides.

Take a few deep breaths and get comfortable, Preferably lying down, Breathe in and out with deep relaxing breaths, Imagine now a staircase coming from your physical form going up into the night sky, follow this staircase all the way up, releasing tension as you take each step. As you get to the top of the staircase you see a bed of stars, Make your way to this bed of stars and relax into it, as each stars glow gently expands and you feel your body slowly sink into this starlight. As you breath you see and feel the energy of this starlight encompass your entire body. Slowly breathe in and out and let the starlight reach deep within you, through your skin, through all your muscles and organs down into the very core of your being, let this starlight take you in until you and it are seamless. Sit in this energy and breathe for just a few minutes. Allow this ultimate energy to resonate with yours, notice that you and it are one. Its a familiar feeling to be one with the expansive that is the universe. Imagine now a star that is in your heart center, a marvelous giant star, as your breath this star mimics your breath, Feel this life force energy resonate at the same vibration as yourself. Breath in this space as long as you like. When you are ready, imagine yourself getting up from this bed of stars, as you are removing yourself from this bed you notice the marvelous star is still in your heart space. This is your gift from the stars, a reminder that you are always connected, In your own time take the staircase back down to your physical form. Take each step at your own pace, even dance if you feel excited to. Once you reach your physical body, wake at your own pace and take this peaceful star energy with you.

Light and Love!

Alyssa MillerComment