Many of you may have noticed a change in the weather, The wind has a different energy to it, Refreshing, is it not? The season of spring is starting it's cycle for you beautiful children. When this energy flows in, it brings a great refresh from what was once fallen, decayed, then transmuted. All the hibernation of winter has allowed the space and time for the new to have a rich soil to grow within. Watch the seasons and flow with their energy, As Fall comes it removes what is no longer needed allowing it to fall to the Earth to become nutrients for the soil as winter comes in, those nutrients burrow into the soil and have time to breakdown becoming more of the soil and when the winds of change bring Spring, the soil is fertile for all the new growth to emerge.  Wake each day with the rising Sun knowing you have a beautiful energy of new growth following you. Each morning harness the creative and fertile energy of spring to plant in your garden all the seeds of what you want to grow this year and each year forward. Breathe in the refresh children of Earth, this is a beautiful time for Earth and each of you. The supportive energy to create is so vibrant, Use this refresh to create all you see fit for yourself. 

Let Love Grow!

Alyssa MillerComment