2 children reaching out to mom

I see a blond boy age 7 he says his Sam, (Samuel or Samuelson). He is saying don't worry mom I have my sister. He says he sees the pain in your heart of loosing 2 children and he wants you to know they are both happy and safe. He is showing me a car seat with a pink stuffed toy. He says I took her before she felt anything. She is so happy to have been a part of the love you share. She says Thank you, she feels so grateful for the home and family she has. She felt compassion and complete care. She says she will be coming back soon. She knows that your heart is broken but if you decide to try again she will be back. She says do not blame yourself, My time was planned short here. She says she wants you to know that she did not suffer and that she was hesistant to incarnate this first time, She says you cared for her so completely that she feels excited to return. I hear the name Davey, she says he is fine. She gives me the sense she was excited about everything when she was young. She would always pick up stuff and say "this" she loved to touch everything. A very tactile child :) She is saying I love you mommy, We both love you so much. She says big brother is my guardian angel and I will bring his light in with me when I return. You will know a spark of him is within. She says see you soon! they both wave bye, they are running off into a field laughing and playing.




Alyssa MillerComment