Ice & Fire, Love & Gratitude

I see a dark haired woman average height, She shows me ice skating on a frozen body of water. I get the sense this is something she had just started doing maybe just a few years ago. She really enjoyed it, She says it felt like flying. She shows me that she got to close to a spot where the ice could not withstand any pressure and she fell through. She expresses the water was so cold it was shocking and that her ice skate got entangled in some of the plant life below. She said it was scary at first but I felt lite and peaceful after just a moment. She shows me that she couldn't get her muscles to work to untie the skate because the water was so cold. She wants to express that she is did not suffer, the shock of falling in was the only uncomfortable part and that was over in a heartbeat. She is showing me that she left behind a great group of very supportive friends and that she loved the book club. She expresses that she had many loves in her life and didn't have time to settle down with a man. I get the sense she was a very business oriented person and that she was more married to the job. She is a free spirit and would go where the winds blows. I hear the names Barbara and Sharon. She appears to me being in her 40's.  She is saying she Loved the lifetime she lived here. It was not cumbersome at all, She really liked that she never got "tied down" to anything (shes cracking jokes) she says funny that a little bit of plant life was the only thing that ever stuck to her. She wants to share with her loved ones ( I get the sense she had 3 other close friends that were women she is trying to reach, one has a daughter in spirit) she says about the daughter, She is so much like you, so beautiful. I am with her and she is safe. She says looking at my last life I don't regret not having a man/ husband but being with your child up here has inspired me to create a strong family life in my next incarnation, until then I enjoy my family here. She says she loves you ladies so much, you were the best of friends she could have asked for. She says YES there is heaven and the afterlife is incredible! She says to not be afraid of anything, incarnating is the hard part. (she smiles and laughs) She expresses that she is with you ladies as you go about your daily lives and that she enjoys pushing books of the shelf she wants you to read, ( she either loved the book or wants to experience the book with you) She is sending so much love and joy your way.  She says Bye Hon!


I see a firefighter, He shows me his fire fighting gear. I get the sense he lived in Louisiana. He is tall very fit and had short dirty blond hair ( he laughs saying its soot not dirt) He is saying he got trapped in the top story of a home that had caught fire and couldn't get out. He said he didn't want to talk much about his passing but he said he felt like the oxygen was sucked out of him. He shows me leaving behind a wife and child. He appears to be in his early 30's.  Blond hair. He says he had a daughter and knows there is a little boy on the way. He is so excited for you. He says it is OK that you have moved on from me. I want you to be happy. He says I feel the same joy you do when i see your face light up in love. He says he wants his daughter to have his hat. He says it will help her feel safe as though I am protecting her, in reality I am always protecting and watching but she will feel closer to me when she wears it. He says he loves you so much. I get the sense you 2 were high school sweethearts. He says I just knew it was you i wanted to spend my life with, he says sorry it was so short but he expresses how he had the greatest love. You lit up his world. He still is around you all the time. He says He had the greatest life. He had a exciting job and a loving family to come home to. He misses the summer cookouts, drinking and watching the game. He gives me the sense he really had it all. He had the perfect life. I hear the name Kayla or Kaitlyn. He says to buy her a Big Pink Bear. You will know when you see it. He says she will adore it. ( He likes to shop with you) ((especially when you shop for the kids)) he says he will make himself known when he wants you to buy something special for yourself. He says its something he wanted to get for you but ran out of time. He says it will be stunning on you. He says he loves you all so much. He shows me embracing you both and says to tell you he is with you all daily. Talk to him, He wants to show you guys he is still alive and will make his presence known in funny and fun ways. He just keeps sending so much love and gratitude to you all. He says to sign off with xoxoxo for you all. He says his goodbyes with the words, Until next time.

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