Dancing With Colors and Light

This week we have a channeled message for you all. Love and Light.

Many people on the earth plane are sensing a strong anxiety at this time. You sensitive souls here on earth pick up subtle vibrations easier then before and are now thinking that there is something wrong with your physical form, Listen to these messages. Tune into the subtle vibrations you are feeling. Many of you are feeling a fluttering heart at this time. Love is enveloping the earth and raining down on all of you. Your loved ones in spirit are coming closer to the earth plane and when their energy mixes with yours you feel it more. Listen and Feel. If your body tells you to seek help from a professional please do so but also be aware that as your energy changes so does your body. It becomes more in-tune like the antenna picking up radio waves, all of a sudden your getting stations you have never heard before, don't be afraid. Ease into it. Let your inner knowing guide you. The "veil" from our plane to yours is sheer. We can see you and with the right lighting you can see us. I don't mean earthly light but a vibrational light. Its amazing to see how you all dance to your own songs and yet all your songs generate a perfect harmonic orchestra. During your meditations walk through a doorway imagining you are leaving the earth plane behind just for a little while. Dance with us here, let the music and the colors weave through you and be free. Take some time out of your week to just let your soul play, imagination is an incredible canvas that many of you have forgotten how to paint on.  Dance with these colors and let the music ring from your soul. Recharge your light and let it shine for the world to see. Your unique song is important in the symphony of life.

Alyssa MillerComment