Meditation For Deep Healing

This week I feel inspired to share a meditation I use for deep healing on a physical level. Please read the meditation, then when you have some free time you can go though the steps and see for yourself if this meditation works for you as well.

First get comfortable and breathe deeply for a few moments. Imagine now a column of white light descending over your head, down your shoulders and arms all the way down to your finger tips, continuing down your torso, hips, thighs,knees and down to the tips of your toes. Sit in this white light for just a moment. breathe it in. Now see this white light that is all around you move into your skin, making its way deeper into your body it moves into your muscles, breathing deeply this white light moves into your organs, Imagine this white light encompassing all of your internal organs, even your brain. Breathe deeply and let this white light go deeper now into your heart, as your heart pumps, imagine a white light going out with the blood flow and reaching every part of your body as it returns back to your heart. Now let this beautiful white light go deeper now into your bones, sit in this white light for a minute, let it run through every cell of your body, clearing away and aches or pains while also cutting any chords of attachment that may be present. When your ready Imagine this white light in your bones turn green a beautiful glittering green. Let this green light make its way through your bloodstream via the heart, as you deeply breathe let this green light make its way closer to the surface now as it moves and heals all your internal organs including your brain. As this green light pushes onward it reaches all your muscles as it makes its final destination pouring green light from your skin. Imagine now this green light radiating from your whole being. Sit in this green light for as long as you like.

Be filled with healing and love, approach the rest of your day with a sense of wholeness and gratitude.

Light and Love

Alyssa MillerComment