Accepting the whole.

Many of you are taught at a young age that somethings be it emotions/ thoughts/etc. are "bad" or worse to deny things within you.  Some spiritual teachings talk about denying the "ego" part of ourselves. Imagine yourself as a puzzle and ego is just a piece, you also have your emotions, your logical mind, your creative mind ect. All these things are pieces of the puzzle of yourself. Society/Religion/Family/ etc. have influenced in some way what we see as "good" or "bad", You are not inherently good or bad those terms should be brushed off. You as all of us are pure consciousness and are unlimited. This unlimited is the real you, the everlasting you that is encompassed within the puzzle pieces. All these pieces of the puzzle are here to serve you while you are incarnated. None of them are "bad" because they all serve a purpose. Try today to accept all aspects of yourself. Listen to each piece and when one piece seems as though it is growing and trying to encompass the rest of the puzzle pull it aside, imagine it away from you and look at it objectively. Work on not letting this one piece take over the whole puzzle. Pulling it from you helps you to see it from a place where it does not consume you. YOU are still in charge. Work with this piece until you have overcome its challenge. Everything is about soul growth and experience. You chose the experiences in your life from a state of complete everlasting. You know that this life is another page in the story of you. You pick your "obstacles" objectively in spirit because you know that you never truly die. We incarnate with all that we need already provided for us. Our puzzle pieces are all available. Accepting all the pieces of yourself is a beautiful way to honor your true magnificence and beauty. Shine your light!

Alyssa MillerComment